QC Marine NDT Services B.V.

QC Marine carries out inspections on marine, structural and fabricated components. We also have a wealth of experience in inspection project through life management. We are able to cope with any size of task from the inspection of bespoke welding repairs to complete project management of inspection tasks such as vessel and crane refurbishment. All of our well trained inspectors are qualified according to EN473, ASNT-SNT-TC 1A and ISO 9712 standards.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

We use several non-destructive testing methods, which are non-invasive techniques to determine the integrity of a material, component or structure. In contrast to destructive testing, NDT is an assessment that does not harm, stress or destroy the test object.

Work field

Our work field is mainly concentrated on the shipping industry, but we are also active in the following branches: petrochemical plants & oil refineries, machinery facilities, cranes, offshore platforms, power stations and bridges. Moreover, our field of work is not limited by geographical boundaries.

Quality control services

Our experienced project management team will ensure that your inspection requirements are completed on time and within budget. Our in-house quality control department will make sure that agreed quality standards are achieved and that reference documents, classification codes and acceptance criteria are adhered to. Through regular liaison and online reporting procedures clients are ensured of project progress visibility throughout the entire project life cycle.