WRS Rope access, provides complete inspection and testing services for industries worldwide. With its strategically location, certified technicians and inspectiors, WRS Rope Access can safely and reliable meet any inspection requirement or industry standard on 24/7 / 365 basis.

WRS Rope Access provides a practical approach to all Inspection Techniques. Our very experienced technicians are totally familiar with all aspects.

– Class Surveys
– Magnetic Particle Examination
– Dye Penetrant Examination
– Ultrasonic Examination
– Visual Examination
– Eddy Current Examination
– Quality control services

If what you require is not on the list please contact us:

If required we document all our inspection jobs in clear reports, which are in PDF-format with digital signature.

WRS Rope Access operates under stringent IRATA guidelines & a Quality Management system ISO 9001:2008, VCA etc etc etc